Debt Center - Dare to care for Excellence - Our Process

Step 1

Debt Calculator Test

Take the "Debt Calculator" test

Step 2

Debt Counsellor

One of our "Debt Counsellors will connect with you telephonically

Step 3

Online Application

Easy online assessment application

Step 4

Easy Mobile Verification

Easy mobile application verification signature

Step 5

Debt Relief Acceptance

Immediate acceptance into the program, benefit from next payday.

Step 6

Creditors Negotiations

Creditors immediately participate and accept the application

Step 7

Exit Debt Review

You will be able to exit the debt review process after paying in full all your debt.

Step 8

Financial Freedom

Once all your debts are paid you will be removed from all credit burea's

Do you know your Financial Status?
Find out by using the Financial Calculator

Benefits of Debt Counselling

What is Debt Counselling

An opportunity to regain control of your finances so that creditors cannot take action against you

What is Debt Review

It is a process that helps customers who are struggling to meet their debt obligations.

Stress Relief

And Trauma Resolution

Ability to set Boundries

Greater Self Confidence

Less Anxiety

Regaining Emotional Balance

From Debt to

Financial Freedom

The Debt Review Awards peer-review process not only identified the individual or practice that received the highest overall ratings; it also identified over 50 of the highest-rated debt counselors in South Africa who are setting the tone for the industry this year. 

Debt Center was in the Top 10 category for 2021

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