debt center about us

Dare To Care for Excellence

About us, we are breaking the chains of poverty. creating a debt-free South Africa and empowering every South African to look forward to a secure retirement

debt center about us

Debt Centre is the new Dream Team in the Debt Counselling industry of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. The overhead umbrella for the combined successes of Consumer Debt Support and Debt Eezy, in conjunction with the appointed legal firm, Liddle & Associates, are all under one roof.

We have an active call center that can assist consumers with their applications and debt queries.

Together we have more than ten years of professional experience in the industry and have a good reputation for focusing on our clients’ needs, putting them first.

We secure the assessments to qualify, the new structured payment approvals, the court orders, the PDA payments, and we handle all the negotiations with the creditors, follow everything through on the consumer’s behalf until the very end where we can share in the joy of the client being declared debt-free by the National Credit Regulator.

We have seen how over-indebtedness can affect families negatively, stressful, in the workplace, and with one’s health. It gave us the motivation to want to make a difference. We strive to be the best debt counselor company where our clients are not just NCR-generated numbers but real people with serious financial difficulties who need our professional help.

Making a difference where it matters most is our ultimate goal. Achieving the best every time makes us proud of our achievements and a good track record. We are a recognized household name among many South Africans. Dare to Care for Excellence means that we go the extra mile for you.

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