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A few years ago, I walked into a client’s office, on his wall, was a framed saying: “God makes more people, but He does not make more land” – Author Unknown.

Being the ultimate inquisitive young agent, I asked this well-established business man why out of all the motivational sayings that could inspire, did he have this one on his wall? He looked up at me, and with a calm and cool voice he responded: “These are the words my dad lived by. He taught me that if you want to experience true wealth and financial freedom, own your own home and invest in property — it has limited availability, it is the definition of wealth and can offer you a passive income.”

Fast forward a few years, now a little bit more seasoned within the real estate environment, I contemplate what I have learnt. Well, I can say without a doubt – the quality of life experienced by people who own their own homes and have invested in property, is far more relaxed than people that are life tenants.

Owning your own home can seem nearly impossible at today’s prices and the costs involved in purchasing a property. So, here are some top tips if you are considering buying:

The Financial Aspect:

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Choosing your Dream Home: 

TOP TIP: Prices of property continue to grow over a period of years — stretch yourself now and sacrifice that expensive car or the overseas vacation. In the long term buying a more expensive property will result in not having to sell and buy again. You will also avoid paying more for the property that you can buy today at a cheaper price.

 In closing, I know that there are lot of “disruptors” in the market that allow Buyers to connect with Sellers. A note to remember, is that Agencies and their Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to protect both the Sellers and Buyers.  You can have a level of trust that you are protected through the EAAB and that should anything go wrong, a buyer will have recourse. There is also the reputation of the agent. Most successful agents will not compromise their reputation for a quick sale.

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Author: Foti Sousalis

Group Director | Realty Atlas Property Group


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