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Affordable food making a difference to households

FOODSOCKS help consumers

Foodsocks – Affordable, Nutritious, and Easy to Prepare Meals South African households are facing the daunting challenge of affording their monthly grocery bills, with statistics revealing that 67% of the salary earners struggle have three meals a day. Many are going hungry at work, after work, and on weekends. In response to this pressing issue, […]

Unpacking Food Socks: Affordable Meals, One Bag at a Time

Food Socks

  In recent times, the rising cost of living has left many South African families struggling to make ends meet. The increasing burden of monthly debt repayments, living expenses, and utility bills has left them with limited resources to put food on the table. Enter Food Socks, a revolutionary solution that’s been making waves in […]

Ordinary families benefiting from food socks

Food Socks

Affordable and Accessible: Food Socks – Everyone’s Food Solution South Africans are facing an unprecedented financial challenge, struggling to meet their family’s basic needs. Food prices have reached a point where even the most essential items are beyond the reach of many. Rising electricity and fuel costs, coupled with increased debt repayments due to higher […]

Food Socks for flood victims

Debt Center

The Western Cape was hit hard over the past few days with rain and storms that caused severe flooding. Some towns, like Citrusdal, were completely cut off from the rest of the Western Cape and the world after roads were swept away due to the flooding. So many people are affected who we don’t even […]

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