In this week’s blog, we take an in-depth journey on the reasons why CDS should be your first choice when looking for a debt counsellor. Why can you trust us to take an in-depth overview of your finances and walk the road of becoming debt free with you?

Here at CDS we have the empathy and compassion out of experience in my capacity as a debt counsellor how debt problems and financial strain affect the immediate family and spills over into the work place. We understand what it means to be cash strapped for day to day family needs. Life throws turf balls in one’s way, changing the financial ability quicker than what one can anticipate. This is what we understand and we give our clients the peace of mind knowing they can buy food, buy bread and milk and cover all the other household stuff we all need and that we can relate to when we go to the shops at the end of month. Our clients are people, not robots, neither generated numbers, and we treat them with dignity and the utmost respect. We have a very good referral ratio on new business, this shows the satisfaction of many clients.

We put a lot of emphasis in assisting and supporting our clients, ensuring a reasonable cash-flow to manage the monthly budget. We know that it is the moms that struggle most when things change financially and she bears the burden of putting food in front of her children and making magic packing a lunch box for her child.

We motivate and support new ways in shopping, always looking at helping where we can empower consumers to take back control. We walk a million miles with our clients from start to finish. Through our continual support, direct interaction and motivating of our clients to use new skills that allow them to do a monthly budget and have money till the end of the month.

We at CDS understand when our consumers no longer have access to their credit cards which they can’t swipe anymore. It is so important for us to have a relationship with our clients helping the moms overcome the fear and panic of less money and keeping to her budget.

Our staff are very friendly. We have an open-door policy where our clients can join us for a cup of tea. We often hear the cries of consumers complaining about creditors informing them their debt counsellor is misleading them; or that they are not under debt review; or that their payments are not received “due to the debt counsellor’s negligence”. We at CDS do understand how upsetting such a phone call can be when our clients receive such a call. Our clients are important to us and the aftercare will determine the success of any debt review.

We at CDS remind our clients it is not our money, neither our debt. It is imperative that consumers take it upon themselves to keep record of payments and understanding why an annual end balance is important.  By taking accountability and mutual responsibility together with the debt counsellor, needs a real caring environment that will determine the success of any debt review.

We are merely the middle man helping to motivate the client’s situation to the creditors so that they (the creditors) can understand why the client no longer can afford the debt repayments. We build relationships with our clients that last long after the debt review process has ended and the clearance certificate was issued.

Many South African consumers are so cash strapped that 70% of vehicles are not insured. This put consumers at high risk with the vehicle finance companies. Here at CDS we have the solution for our clients, affordable insurance and optional products that replaces the vehicle should it be written off in an accident. Another extended service we offer our clients.

In conclusion: if you are seeking for a professional, caring, very experienced, registered debt counsellor and company where you are not a number, then Consumer Debt Support will welcome you with open arms. You can be sure you can rely on us for the best debt review service.

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