1.Application FeeCompletion and submission of the Form 16R50.00 (as prescribed).Upfront and in full.
2 Administration Fee (new fee)(a) Consultation with consumer, including explanation of process and fees disclosure R300.00 per debt counseling application Upfront and in full.
3 Determination fee:The fees under this item are aligned to the outcome of the full assessment of the consumers’ financial information

3.1 Restructuring FeeFor one applicant:
(a) The fee is either equals to the distributable amount**or a maximum fee of R8000.00,
(b) Whichever amount is the lesser.
For consumers married in community of property:
(a) The fee is either equal to the distributable amount or a maximum fee of R9000.00
(b) Whichever amount is the lesser.
Payable in the month 1 after drafting and submission of the proposals.
3.2 Reckless Lending Fee (New fee)(a) Reckless lending assessment and R1500.00 per debt counseling application Payable in Month 2 after completing the written outcome of the reckless lending assessment.
(b) Supplying reckless lending documents to the attorney to draft outcome
(c) Reckless lending court outcome will be charged not exceeding R4000 by Liddles and Associates.