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Annienne Nel

Annienne Nel

Author of Debt vs Financial Journal


We are all very much aware of the devastation and poverty the aftermath of the Covid – 19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdown caused the country as a whole. Statistically hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and homes, other’s salaries were reduced to avoid further more cuts and losses, but with that it

CONSUMERS caught in ONLINE MONEY SCAMS and MISLEADING ADVERTISING The Debt Industry has been overwhelmed by unsuspecting consumers that became victims to online money scammers, especially on Facebook and Instagram. There are numerous attractive advertising videos and invitations on social media showcasing stacks of cash with testimonies of ordinary looking people advocating how they got

Debt Centre the home of Consumer Debt Support and Debt Eezy want to share with our readers and clients the latest shocking news that could bear a possible devastating effect on the confidential information of millions of South Africans. As if the five months of lockdown restrictions and social limitations, the Covid 19 statistics and

DEBT REVIEW processes vs CONSUMER vs DEBT COUNSELOR and the facts you should know The latest statistics show that about 10 million South Africans have bad debt due to three or more missed monthly payments during the Covid-19 lockdown time. If you are one of them, it is now critical to take control of your

Welcome to another journal from registered debt counsellor Annienne Nel, who has more than 11 years’ experience in the Debt Review industry and who will now share with our readers some facts about the debt review process and other occurring matters. I DEDICATE THIS ARTICLE TO ALL THE CONSUMERS AFFECTED BY THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN AND

The reality of the COVID-19 crises has hit home for all of us, three months down the road of restrictions and senseless laws in our views, thousands of jobs losses and companies closing down, left a broken economy that brought South Africa to its knees. The horrific published statistics of the widespread virus and the

The financial repercussions of the Covid19 – Virus “Stay at Home” Lockdown thus far is nothing to take lightly. It has brought the South African economy to an almost complete halt as the infection rate keeps on rising, leaving the country in fear for the worst. Companies big and small felt the heavy pinch of

The past three months of the national lockdown have been an absolute nightmare for the whole country. Everyone’s freedom is limited, confined to our homes we dread the contamination of the COVID19 – Virus. The published statistics of the rising death toll and positive cases are the cause of the widespread fear and panic among

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