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Annienne Nel

Annienne Nel

Author of Debt vs Financial Journal


Die afgelope drie maande was ons lewens as verbruikers, werkers, broodwinners en ons skoolgaande en tersiêre studente oornag versteur deur die onbekende en gevreesde Corona – virus pandemie. Die “lockdown” is so ‘n drastiese aanpassing, dat ons gesukkel het om gewoond te raak aan die idee om heeltyd binneshuis te wees, nie toegelaat te word

This week we at Debt Centre want to share valuable information with our readers and other multi-social media platform members regarding Debt Protection Insurance. The new COVID19 Lockdown Law and regulations enforced the whole nation to stay at home for 21 days and then further extended and now in level four with some business that

Our South African society is facing one of the biggest economic challenges during the COVID19 lockdown as thousands have, and will loose their jobs. No matter who you are, you will be affected by the pandemic in one way or another, and to find a way forward to survive is another stress factor on its

  Die krisis rondom Covid-19-isolasie en jou skuldverpligtinge Dit is die begin van die 21 dae lange nasionale inperking wat deur pres. Cyril Ramaphosa aangekondig is as ’n ernstige maatreël om die verspreiding van die nuwe coronavirus en die siekte wat dit veroorsaak, Covid-19, in ons land te bekamp. Ons hier by Debt Centre wil

  The Crises of COVID 19 Today, on the 27th of March 2020, DAY ONE of the enforced Nationwide lockdown in South Africa, Debt Centre would like to ease the uncertainty and stress of our readers and existing clients, with regards to their Debt payments in the aftermath of it all. We have learned of

  Financial Depression This week Debt Centre wanted to share with our readers something that became a problematic and sensitive situation among the consumers and in their households. Financial depression is one of the terms that most of the people ignore or do not take to heart while they deal with their everyday problems. Debt

The role of debt counselors (DCs) in the community In this week’s blog we at Debt Centre want to share our independent views regarding the matter of a certain DC who reached the latest news headlines. She had her registration as a DC cancelled by the National Credit Regulator Tribunal (NCRT) for serious and repeated

When DEATH becomes a reality. The Reality of Death and the aftermath We at Debt Centre strive to inform our customers how to better their lifestyles and wealth, to live debt free, how to look out for pitfalls of money abusers and lenders, where to save, who not to trust, and we help to educate

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