The Western Cape was hit hard over the past few days with rain and storms that caused severe flooding. Some towns, like Citrusdal, were completely cut off from the rest of the Western Cape and the world after roads were swept away due to the flooding. So many people are affected who we don’t even know about. The organization Helpende Hande is reaching out and making a difference where it can.

The Gift of the Givers was on high alert and rolled out its programs to hurry food, clothes and blankets to many areas ravaged by the flooding. However, it’s simply not enough.

Kay’s Caravan Park in Strand was hit hard, especially there where community members live in park cabins. These residences are severely damaged by the floodwaters of the Lourens River after its banks overflowed. Some families lost everything. Families were evacuated to the Helpende Hande Community Centre and the Church Hall, where volunteers and permanent staff supported, cared for, housed and fed the unfortunate families who lost everything in the ghastly floods.

Debt Center, the home of Consumer Debt Support,  jumped in – an initiative by the founder, Annienne Nel, and a reseller of Food Socks, supplied by Carl van Blerk, the owner and founder of The Food Pantry in George. Annienne  and Christina of C’s Little Deli “koop en verkoop kos” in a joint food sock venture, saw the need to become involved and get people in their network to sponsor Food Socks.

Debt Center

But what exactly is a Food Sock?

A Food Sock is a fantastic product with a shelf life of six months. We have eight meals: Chicken Pasta, Tomato Stew, Mutton Stew, Chicken Breyani, Mac and Cheese, Pasta Bolognaise, Chicken Soup and Traditional Melkkos. They come in a plastic “sock”, with everything you need in the bag.  With a pot, water, a spoon and a flame you can make a good, hearty meal, which is vegetable-based. You don’t need any salt, pepper or other spices, as everything is already in the bag. This product is ideal for families struggling to buy food due to extremely high living, service costs and increasing interest rates, For many consumers they have not seen an increase in their monthly salaries for over three years causing them serious financial difficulty.

Food socks
Debt Center


Consumer Debt Support got involved to ensure food security for people struggling with debt and challenges affecting their living costs and ability to buy food. We had no idea that the floods would be another opportunity to help people and families with good food.

There are many resellers in South Africa in most towns, from whom consumers can buy these Food Socks for R45 each. Every reseller is an independent business owner who offers these delicious products for those who need an alternative to feed their families and give struggling pensioners access to affordable and quality food. See lower down how you can connect with a reseller near by you.

Disaster relief and management, as the Western Cape experienced the past week.

The food  socks drive on Friday the 16th of May was a success and seven boxes of Food Socks were delivered to Helpende Hande at nr 66 Woltemade Community Centre in the Strand. This enabled Helpende Hande to feed the destitute families a nutritious and healthy Food Socks meal.

Another six boxes were collected by Johan Liebenberg of Helpende Hande from Paarl that provide feeding assistance the farm workers and other families in need of assistance with consumable food affected by the flooding and economic difficulty in their community.

Annienne says the residents of Kay’s Caravan Park also need donations for pet food as many pets are moved to the SPCA shelters whilst their owners are unable to take care of them. The need is great to ensure these four-legged kiddies are also not forgotten. Please help, if you can. You can send or sponsor us a bag of dog or cat food.

dog food donations
Debt Center

Please sponsor a Food Sock at R45 – one sock can feed 4 to 6 people. Every Food Sock we get sponsored, goes into a box. We would like to reach Robertson, Citrusdal, Wolseley and other communities hit hard by the storms and the flooding. Keep the caring and sharing alive by sponsoring a Food Sock. This food makes a world of difference to someone who has nothing.

Debt Center
Debt Center

Visit the website Food Socks website:  and find a reseller near by you and find more information about these great products.

You need to talk to me about your finances and assess how we can free up cash so that you can afford to buy enough food for the month visit    Or call me on 0834593056 or WhatsApp and send me an email to dc****@de********.za


Together we can make a difference, even if it’s just a small contribution towards the efforts of those like Helpende Hande fighting for the dignity of communities  and the less fortunate.  Help the Food Socks community reach more people that will benefit from nutritious and good food, sponsor a Food Sock at R45 and ensure a meal for someone who may be hungry right now.

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