Finding affordable ways to spoil your family

In this week’s blog, we at CDS would like to talk about how to spoil your family by finding inexpensive ways having family time outings. As parents, we are most often caught up in the struggle to survive paying bills and dealing with creditors. Parents are frequently put under a lot of pressure when creditors do not understand the situation a family would be dealing with/or the reasons why debts or bills can’t be paid on time.

This stress is carried into the home and affects everyone in the household. These are the factors that affect many families nowadays. We have found in the desperate times dealing with the issues of finances which is under immense pressure can rob a parent from being able to plan fun outings with the family. The cost of entering places that cater for the whole family, are most of the times too expensive and not affordable for parents, already struggling financially. It is important to stay connected as a family and keep the children entertained, as we all know this can become an expensive exercise.

We at CDS had a look in how we can assist parents in finding affordable ways to spoil the family when finances are tight or when already in debt review. Here are a some of the fun ideas we thought can be budget friendly and fun that the whole family could partake in.
Enjoy a picnic at one of the botanical gardens in your area. Nature is a great place to take the family to play and partake in having outdoor fun.
– For example, here in Cape Town, we have a fresh water stream known as Silver-stream running from the foot of Table    Mountain. It is an amazing place to take pictures and enjoy a picnic.
– Another great idea is to plan a hike on a popular walk trail where everyone in the family can partake who is able to join in.  Pack a picnic basket and remember the camera for those beautiful memories that can be captured while enjoying the outing.
– Another great idea is to visit the local weekend markets just having a coffee and absorbing the buzz, or visit the local fish  market and choose a fish for the evening braai. A change is as good as a holiday.
– Contact your local horse farms and take the kids for horse riding, it is good for the whole family who partakes in the activities  to be close to the animals.
– Google for fun farms where one can find various animals where the children can have interaction with them. Most of these  farms have a place for mum and dad to have coffee and a light lunch that is cost effective. So everyone can relax and enjoy  the day.
– What has become very popular among many families these days, are bicycles trails outings. So, if you have a bicycle, it is  maybe time to dust them off! Going on bike trails on any morning over the weekend is something everyone can join in. Pack a  family picnic basket and have lunch on the trail. What better way to relax in nature with your loved ones.
– Dads, if you have fishing rods in your garage, use them and take your sons for fishing at a river. Moms can pack a picnic, her favourite book or knitting and the kids can have fun catching fish.
– Go camping. It is really so much fun and a good way to bond with your family. Camping is a fantastic way for the whole family  to partake in the activities at a camping site and enjoying the fresh air and peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle  from the city.
– Buy inexpensive kites or kite kits so that everyone can join in putting the kites together and partake in the fun flying kites on  the beach or at the local park. If a beach is an option, make it a nice outing for the whole day.
Making time for the family even in the most difficult times is a time for everyone to get away from the stress at work, school  and home. Often, we can relate to parents complaining it cost money to enter at any venue with the family for the day. Above  we have shown you that having fun does not have to be an expensive exercise, but a fun one. Building precious memories is  not something that one can buy.

Have fun with your family! Love, support, sharing and laughter, especially when you are under financial pressure, knowing that the debt is taken care of by your registered debt counsellor, is a good way to appreciate the small and inexpensive things life can offer. It is also a time to bond as a family during a difficult time where things can change overnight.
Be creative, bring the sparkle back into your eyes and enjoy life!

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