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Justin Carstens
Debt Councillor

078 952 0707


NCR Registration Number: NCRDC3042

Justin has a very experienced history in commercial administration, and was part of the Tenacity aka Ackerman’s group. He was later on in the Collection and Arrears division, with the accounts department of the large Truworths-group, before he ventured his career with the well known Absa bank, as a Home Loan, and Bond consultant.

It was also within Absa that he gained his knowledge and experience of debt and consulting with consumers towards their restructuring of their payment arrears.In 2012,  Justin joined his brother, Ashley, and managed the admin of the debt review, after care center. Four years in the industry, with the motivation of his brother, Justin registered as a debt counselor and strives as an outstanding partner for Debt Eezy, now under the Debt Centre umbrella, dealing his professional conduct in restructuring the debt of consumer’s accounts.

The best in the business.

Ashley matriculated in 2005, and enrolled at UNISA (University of South Africa), studying his LLB course, paralegal in 2006, and graduated with his diploma in 2007. His legal experience came from his first apprenticeship at a lawyer firm in 2008, while he furthered his studies in debt counselling.Ashley became a registered debt counselor in 2009 and joined in with various Debt counselling companies where he gained his valuable experience in the industry.

In 2013 he was ready for the big leagues and decided to start his own firm, Debt Eezy, and soon afterwards, he grew into one of the best known debt counselling firms in the Western Cape.Today, Ashley operates a dedicated and busy call center, now under the flag of Debt Center, with a whole team of counselors and lawyers under one roof. His drive to use the latest technologies, and insurance to the POPI Act, the Consumer Protection Act, makes him stand out in his field of expertise.

He is also the proud winner of the Small Debt Counselor’s award category for July 2019.

Ashley Carstens – Debt Councillor

Consumer Debt Support became a fast-growing small debt counseling business, protecting the consumer’s legal rights to affordable debt repayments. CDS is very excited to introduce Andre to you, a well-skilled entrepreneur and family man. When I asked Andre why he wants to sit in the hot seat of a debt counselor after all these years being out of the industry? He only had this to say, “He is in love with the growth and the positive changes in the industry that benefit the consumers, as well as the user-friendly systems that are in place.” 

Very early in the process of 2008 Andre Coetzee became a debt counselor with his dad retired bank manager and Magistrate in Pretoria. André was passionate to help people, he wanted to make a difference and has a degree in psychology obtained at Stellenbosch University and did his articles in accounting from 1991 to 1993 in George.

Knowing how challenging it can be for business owners and employees, he was a general business owner of a decorative paint shop and the Founder of FMA financial services in Cape Town. Having a sound background in real estate being a reputable property consultant in Somerset West, Strand area offering his services to clients selling their family homes, for over 17 years doing the oldest job in history.

He is excited to get started and while he was busy selling properties, he was watching the debt counseling industry evolving into the perfect business model to help consumers pay less on debt when they are struggling.

We can benefit from André’s expertise and looking forward to a great future and the exciting financial education and changes that instills debt stability, we can bring together to our clients and their families. Our goal is to help consumers pay off their debt and re-enter the credit market rehabilitated and debt-free. 

Debt Centre Attonery

Quintin Zimmermann – Liddles Director

He started Liddle and Associates Inc in September 2009 as a consumer-centric legal practice, specialising in “YOU”.  Experienced in the National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act. legal practitioner who has assisted consumers and debt counsellors with the ever changing legal requirements to successfully finalise all applications and actions related to the National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act. He personally appeared and granted in excess of 600 debt review and reckless lending applications in the various Magistrates’ Courts since 2009. He has rights of appearance in the High Court and have personally attend to all drafting and appearances in the Western Cape High Court in extensive bank related litigation since 2012. Under these circumstances, he derived substantial legal and practical experience in dealing with over-indebted consumers and distressed businesses within the legal framework and resolving and settling matters with the banks and other credit providers.

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