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With ALL YOUR debt problems.

Debt Counselor Qualified Assitance for you

Our consultation rooms allow you to discuss your financial matters with a qualified Counsellor. We will treat the matter confidentially and with empathy, where you will feel that your problems will be dealt with by professionals.

We partner with highly experienced and reputable debt counseling lawyers, Liddle’s & Associates Inc., Appointed to represent you, fight your legal battles, and protect your assets from your creditors.

We always go the extra mile so that we can become debt-free again.

Qualified Registered Debt Counselor to assist you

Life-changing events such as early retrenchment, unemployment, losing a loved one, critical illness, and any form of loss of income, where you find yourself over-indebted and in deep financial problems, can be the cause to seek help of a qualified and registered debt counselor.
We will make sure you understand all the terms and conditions, the legal aspects that need to be followed, the details of the payments, and how we will represent your case on your behalf every step of the way.
An affordability assessment will be done for you to determine if you are over-indebted. All registered credit providers and credit bureaus in terms of the National Credit Act will be informed.
We handle the Restructuring process, alternative Mediation, and Debt Review Exit.
We ensure that you will be protected against legal action and repossession of assets subject to the National Credit Act of 2005.

What We Do

Our Services

debt center services
Reckless lending

Assessment and Investigation

Negotiating and motivating

affordability with your creditors

debt center services

Protecting your assets from High Court legal action.

Protecting your moveable assets from magistrates default judgments and attachment orders

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Liddles & Associates Inc

Is recognised by the NCR as one of the best National Debt Review Attorneys

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NCR - National Credit Regulator

We are NCR monitored and enforced with all visible certificates

debt center services

We also offer consumer enrichment programs

debt center services

Business rescue, experienced in this field

debt center services

Counseling and professional help for any of our clients that need it, by registered specialists

debt center services

Sequestrations (insolvent), and rehabilitation

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