Consumers digging deep to afford monthly debt obligations and living costs

Debt Center

South Africans with credit agreements are feeling the pressure of increasing instalments of debt repayments South Africans are financially exhausted after three tough years, surviving the Covid pandemic, growing inflation, rising interest rates, groceries and fuel price increases and living costs becoming more and more expensive, forcing consumers to cut down on essential family spending […]

Festive season time 2018.

Festive Season

This week’s blog, EARLY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. We here at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) would like to share more on the topic of how to survive the extra ordinary spending over the holiday period and Christmas with a limited budget, while keeping the whole family entertained. Planning for the festive season in a difficult economy, can […]

Thank you for your support

Thank you

Happy Holidays, share and give with love. 2017 was a difficult year full of challenges for consumers facing a rough economy, price increases and tough financial time now and ahead. Here at Consumer Debt Centre (CDS) the year had come to a close for the Festive Holiday season. Like all families, we are spending time […]

You can dress fashionable within a tight budget

Enjoy fashion on a budget

Dress Fashionable — within your budget. Here at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) we have come to realize that all of us like to buy clothes and things. Some of us love to buy and shop for clothes and others don’t love shopping too often. We would like to look into the shopping and budget topic […]

Plan your safety net in a recession

Your recession safety net

Plan your safety net in a recession In this week’s blog, we would like to take a look into the latest concerning issue: the feared recession and the effect on ordinary people, their families and money matters. How can one survive the recession and what can be done to survive the real fears and effects […]

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