Black Friday can become a January debt trap


South African’s are facing a festive hype whilst waiting for brochures for this year’s Black Friday deals in preparation for the 25th of November 2022. Consumers had been financially planning for this event of special deals and picking up great bargains just before Xmas. The reality is that many consumers could face overspending on the […]

COVID 19 and Debt protection insurance

Debt Centre

This week we at Debt Centre want to share valuable information with our readers and other multi-social media platform members regarding Debt Protection Insurance. The new COVID19 Lockdown Law and regulations enforced the whole nation to stay at home for 21 days and then further extended and now in level four with some business that […]

Debt Mediation what it means to consumers with debt

Debt Centre

In this week’s blog, Debt Centre the home of Consumer Debt Support and Debt Eezy want to cover the topic mediation. As important as the details to mediation, we feel that you need to remember not to deal with a company who cannot show you that they are registered with the NCR. There is a […]

Exclusive Insight to the cost involved of your Debt Review profile

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Exclusive Insight to the cost involved of your Debt Review profile In this week’s blog, we at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) would like to share our annalistic costing structure with our readers, for a better understanding of how the costings in the Debt Counselling industry work. We find it daily that clients are uninformed what […]

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