Do you know if you have a Healthy credit rating?

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In this week’s blog, Consumer Debt Support (CDS) we discuss credit ratings and reports. How good or bad report will affect a consumer in the long run. Do you really know how healthy your credit rating is? Did you know that approximately 100 000 consumers actually check their credit report in a year cycle? Let […]

New Garnishee Law for workers rights

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In this week’s blog, Consumer Debt Support (CDS) add more value on the topic under the law “New garnishee Law” that protects workers from unlawful garnishee orders. In 2014 a case was brought before the High Court, case number 16703/14. The applicant was THE UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH LEGAL AID CLINIC. The judgment outcome made by […]

Laid off at work, what must you do now?

Plan Financially

Retrenched! What now? In this week’s blog, we at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) discuss the issue around the alarming increase of retrenchments. It affects consumers and the stress that goes with the news when receiving the letter confirming the date of lay off. Retrenchment can affect any worker at any time. It causes panic and […]

Can I rent a home when under debt review?

Love your home final

Can I rent a home when under debt review? The GOOD news is: YES. We at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) came to realize that we are faced with this question almost every month when consumers in debt review are struggling to rent a home while being under debt review. It is a major concern this […]

Reckless credit and the bad habits of it.

Stay Calm

In this week’s blog, we take an in-depth look at what is Reckless Lending. What does it mean when debt that is possibly recklessly, is granted by a credit provider. What happens when a credit provider gives credit to a person who does not understand what is required of him/her, or who can never realistically […]

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