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Why debt counselling and how can you benefit

Debt Center

In the heart of South Africa, countless families are grappling with the relentless challenge of managing their finances, often with single or joint incomes. When the end of each month approaches, the daunting reality sets in – bills must be paid, financial commitments to support your children must be met. The weight of medical bills […]

Misleading advertising on the increase on social media

Misleading advertising

Misleading advertising and debt money scams on social media. There has been a proliferation of false, misleading advertising and debt money scams in recent times. Desperate consumers are lured by scammers, only to realize the company in question has no contact details and has disappeared with their money. Consumer Debt Support hope to add value […]

Lifeline for consumers pulling heavy debt

Debt Centre

The financial repercussions of the Covid19 – Virus “Stay at Home” Lockdown thus far is nothing to take lightly. It has brought the South African economy to an almost complete halt as the infection rate keeps on rising, leaving the country in fear for the worst. Companies big and small felt the heavy pinch of […]

Financial Strain versus Anxiety

Debt Centre

Financial Strain?  Every moment of our waking existence is bombarded with external stimuli of overload and supply.  We are encouraged and coerced towards an existence of gluttony and consumption.  In the process we have developed unhealthy habits and ideals about how we should engage with society, and it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between […]

In the HAPPY mood for CHRISTMAS


  How to enjoy a Festive Christmas and New Year It is December month once again, and before we know it, Christmas time is upon us. Yet, time did not increase its pace, it is our lives that got to the busy level of “too much to do and too little time” everyday. This week, […]

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