Festive season time 2018.

Festive Season

This week’s blog, EARLY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. We here at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) would like to share more on the topic of how to survive the extra ordinary spending over the holiday period and Christmas with a limited budget, while keeping the whole family entertained. Planning for the festive season in a difficult economy, can […]

Debt Review benefits struggling consumers

Debt Review

Breaking the silence struggling to pay debts in a weakening economy. This week’s blog, we at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) want to talk about what is debt review. We had previous discussions in one of our blogs on this topic. The question is, how would one deal with debt? What is the best solution that […]

Bring a little bit of green into your home


Go Green and Beautiful Here at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) we would like to change the topic of talking about finances and debt all the time – it can become a bit too much.   With this week’s blog, we would like to share ideas about how to get creative in gardening without spending too […]

Finding affordable ways to spoil your family


Finding affordable ways to spoil your family In this week’s blog, we at CDS would like to talk about how to spoil your family by finding inexpensive ways having family time outings. As parents, we are most often caught up in the struggle to survive paying bills and dealing with creditors. Parents are frequently put […]

Making the right choice is vital for your debt review.

Make the right choice

Making the right choice is vital for your debt review. This week’s blog topic we want to share with consumers the problems you can expect when an account in debt review is in arrears, this week is the home loan account. In most cases the consumers bring the arrears up to date immediately, but when […]

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