Debt Counselling guide and everything you need to know

Debt Counselling guide

YOUR DEBT COUNSELLING GUIDE FROM START TO FINISH: South African consumers have been tested and punched financially with the increase of higher interest rates, fuel prices that cause cash flow strain, the cost of food and groceries has increased where an ordinary family is now paying approximately R800.00 more on the basic food needs. All […]

Do you know if you have a Healthy credit rating?

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In this week’s blog, Consumer Debt Support (CDS) we discuss credit ratings and reports. How good or bad report will affect a consumer in the long run. Do you really know how healthy your credit rating is? Did you know that approximately 100 000 consumers actually check their credit report in a year cycle? Let […]

Plan your safety net in a recession

Your recession safety net

Plan your safety net in a recession In this week’s blog, we would like to take a look into the latest concerning issue: the feared recession and the effect on ordinary people, their families and money matters. How can one survive the recession and what can be done to survive the real fears and effects […]

Health status of a credit report

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Prevent IDENTITY THEFT and NEGATIVE ITC listings We here at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) welcome our readers to this week’s blog. We have realized the problem with the neglecting to do regular checks on once credit record. Information is a powerful tool available to consumers. This issue of Credit Fraud creeps up to bite consumers […]

Finding balance between lending and spending

Find Balance

In today’s blog, we discuss balance in healthy lending versus spending. Let us start with the credit report which is a vital part when you are over 18 and seen as an adult who may have access to credit. When a credit report has a bad scoring or low scoring, either way it can have […]

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