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How to minimize spending over the festive holidays

Minimize Festive Spending

Festive season celebrations: How to minimize spending. In this week’s blog, we here at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) would like to share more on this topic, the season of giving and sharing. We all have to prepare ourselves well in advance for the festivities of holiday visitors, Christmas and New Year Celebrations. Keeping this all-in […]

Do you know if you have a Healthy credit rating?

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In this week’s blog, Consumer Debt Support (CDS) we discuss credit ratings and reports. How good or bad report will affect a consumer in the long run. Do you really know how healthy your credit rating is? Did you know that approximately 100 000 consumers actually check their credit report in a year cycle? Let […]

Voluntary Surrender of a vehicle

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Voluntary Surrender of a vehicle In this week’s blog, Consumer Debt Support (CDS) takes a look into how and when a consumer can surrender a vehicle to the bank or his collection agent. One needs to understand the ramifications and impact of a voluntary surrender or summary default judgement and what it could mean to […]

Reckless spending in a recession

Caught in a web of SPENDING

In today’s blog, we want to talk about reckless spending and the latest news for consumers that South Africa is back in the recession. We at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) can say the recession has been with us the past two years. We walk down the road in the lives of those struggling with reckless […]

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