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Suffer in silence

The silent Guilt

In this week’s blog we at Consumer Debt Support and partners Debt Eezy, want to shed a light on stress. One of the biggest problems facing consumers with debt problems is the silent guilt not shared. It is very difficult when life’s circumstances change and the individual can no longer pay all the bills on time. Most of the time consumers cannot deal with the shock of depleted credit and the effects of it bears the unfortunate hurt in the household.

International studies have proved that people suffer more from financial problems, credit card debt, all indebted money stress, more than any other emotional, personality or relationship related stress on record.

Money worries have been linked to higher mortality rates among cancer and heart patients. It was found that prolonged financial stress was a predicting factor to obesity, which could lead to other related illnesses like cholesterol, blood pressure problems, diabetes etc.

General but real issues are:

Not fulfilling your dreams or providing for the children’s education

Worst case scenario – it threatens the roof over your head and the food provision of the house

Living to the very limit of the budget

Relying on overtime pay as extra money

Company cutbacks and retrenchment

Could not catch up with over spending

Constant debt collecting calls elevating stress

Financial shock, constrained incomes lead to eroding wealth

Common cause:

DepressionDeep depression is one of the most concerning results of financial burdens, the knowing that one cannot better the situation leads to a sense of powerlessness.  People don’t talk about it because they take their failure very personally.

Depression is an illness that cannot be ignored once it effects the normality of the lifestyle and household moods. The fear of being judged and rejected cause you to keep it a secret. It becomes a silent guilt trip, a lonely road of sleeplessness, migraine headaches and unnecessary marital arguments.

Lack of motivation and appetite sets in, sleep problems, anxiety, restlessness, guilt and a sense of worthlessness, problems with concentration, lack of energy and at end, thoughts of suicide

Please take note!

If you or your loved one has experienced more than two of the mentioned feelings and it interfere with your daily activities, you should consider the assistance of a licensed therapist or a physician for a professional evaluation

Despite the concerning health consequences, most people don’t disclose the financial pressures they face, because of shame or the embarrassment, or the thought of no one would understand their circumstances without judging them harshly.

The good news:

The opposing to the silent guilt is to take the bold step and talk it over with someone that could be trusted without the fear of being judged. It is a clinically proven fact that 70 percent of depressed patients of related financial stress, felt relieved after the revelation of their shameful feelings regarding their debt.

They felt less stressed and more in control of a decisive strive to change their lives to a more healthy style.

A step in the right direction

Budget Balance

Courage with action

We recommend the following:

In the work place:

Schedule an appointment with your HR at work and find out who you can talk to that can help you with your problem. When finding that your self-esteem, concentration, being absent from work to often due to the stress of debt, or you find yourself spending too much of your employers time on solving you debt problems, you need to seek help and talk to someone.

For a professional touch:

Get the help of a highly experienced educational psychologist in Cape Town. Visit http://www.pitkos.co.za and contact Dr. ST Potgieter listed, for those who acknowledge that they need professional help. Office: 0219495007

For the private and confidential attention:

Another Cape Town referral would be a well-known Clinical Psychologist Shaun Helders at Tygervalley Clinic, known for his thoroughness and success rate helping others with severe depression and financial stress related problems. He can be contacted at 0219747680.

A very dear friend of mine and also a most decorated specialist and college, Doktor Kobus Anthonissen is a psychotherapist and educational pastor and counsel couples and all those who need to speak to a trust worthy person. He aims to improve an individual’s well-being and mental health, to resolve or mitigate behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, emotions and to improve relations and social skills. He can be contacted at 0219305790 for an appointment.

Our personal hands on service:

Visit our website www.debtcentre.co.za or http://www.debteezy.co.za and complete the quick box with your information and one of our debt counselors will call you. We can offer the solution to all your debt and fight your fight for you with the proper legal back up under the NCR (National Credit Regulator) rules.

Reality check

Find the courage to discuss your debt problems with your loved one, as difficult as it could be, is it highly recommended to restore mutual trust to your relationship.

Financial Balance

Every situation you deal with that is out of your comfort zone is difficult and we all want to avoid it. Sharing it takes the pressure off and with the problem being out in the open, working on the solution becomes a team effort.

In conclusion:

Not having enough money, restricts one’s personal choices and cause emotional instability that spills over into the family, relationship, marriage and work space negatively.

Dealing with financial problems is well known to be the cause of depression and can even have tragic outcomes where the individual is so isolated that they consider the worse. The psychiatric clinics are overcrowded and most of the patients are admitted due to severe stress and depression caused by financial losses.

Message from the author

When you find the assistance to deal with the over-indebtedness or you not over-indebted and just need some help with some accounts, life is then more manageable and the focus is where it needs to be. At work you earn your monthly salary that will enable you to cover your living costs and provide for your family as you want to.

My company can do that for you, we’ll manage your debt so quick and easy, it will leave you stress free. I fight your financial battles for you if you sign up and request my services as a registered debt counsellor together with my team.

Don’t fool yourself. Debt has the ability to destroy the spirits of very good and honest people. If you become a bad statistic of retrenchment, contact my office for a appointment with me directly. I offer you my personal attention in such matters because I stand up for you who does not know how and I’ll take your creditors on for your peace of mind

My plea to you – Speak up!

 As difficult as it seems by staying quiet and not saying anything about the financial situation can be much more stressful that what you can imagine. You are maybe at that point where you simply have no money but you are still responsible for your accounts. Avoid the bad consequences and get help, we all need to admit we are not so independent as we would like to be due to unfortunate circumstances.

I wish you all well and a stress free life! God bless your hearts and souls. Until next time. Best of the best!

Mrs Annienne Nel

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