We are all very much aware of the devastation and poverty the aftermath of the Covid – 19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdown caused the country as a whole. Statistically hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and homes, other’s salaries were reduced to avoid further more cuts and losses, but with that it caused a bigger mountain of debt stress to overcome.
Debt Center has been inundated with consumer’s desperate enquiries for assistance with their debt because they panic about the foreclosures, repossession of their vehicles and the rude threats of their creditors regarding outstanding payments.
Although a lot of people received payment breaks during the first few months of lockdown, they ended up with huge arrears because they could not bring it up to date. We could see that the consumers who did not receive payment holidays and applied for our debt review program, had arrears since April this year whereas to those who had payment breaks, still had arrears but from July 2020.
At the end of the day the creditors could no longer grant any further extensions and the normal cause of legal procedures had to be exercised on those who defaulted on their credit agreements and loans.

What can consumers do in these situations to get the help with their debt and the arrears on the accounts to prevent foreclosure?

Your best solution is Debt Center www.debtcenter.co.za

Get as much information as possible about your options to solve your debt issues with your creditors to avoid further action. We at Debt Center have all the solutions to assist you with everything you need.
We have served the community for the past decade and halve with our experienced debt counsellors and can testify to great successes in all our cases. We fight, represent and negotiate on the consumer’s behalf to see that the debt in total, was mediated and restructured in such a manner that the families could survive on the money we have saved them on a monthly basis.
Debt Center have the best registered team with legal back up, to help you in the quickest time. With our fast and effective online technology we can accommodate everyone and offer immediate assistance to any related debt crisis with one’s creditors.
Debt Center is a satellite office to a registered ADRA license holder in South Africa that can deal with the disputes, and can negotiate the payments of the arrears of home loans and vehicle finance accounts. Many consumers’ income gets approved and can therefore afford to pay their contractual monthly instalments.
To prevent any foreclosure an ADRA – an Alternative Dispute Resolution Agent can arrange with the creditors a payment plan to cover the arrears while paying the contractual instalments.
Debt Center uses the latest online technologies to ensure consumers’ rights remain protected and ensure creditors receive the documents and notices within 48 hours from the time you applied and signed your debt review documents.

Your benefits of Debt Review in short:

  1. It’s a restructured debt obligation program to pay a more affordable monthly debt repayment on all your accounts.
  2. It frees up additional cash flow for essential household expenses.
  3. It brings immediate relieve of your debt problems
  4. We offer counselling during the assessment that adds value to our clients and their wellbeing.
Consumer and debt counsellor is one teem

Client and debt counsellor is one teem

How can Debt Center help you?

Payment breaks – We deal directly with creditors on your behalf where they did not assist you with payment breaks even with the supporting documents. We bring negotiations to the table to ensure the situation of the consumer is taken into account, and the payment breaks are allocated for the period of 90 days.
Debt mediation – It is a debt reduction or debt elimination strategy for not more than 5 accounts for a short period of time, 6 to 12 months. It will work for individuals who are in over their heads financially and who do not expect to have the means to pay their debts in full due to short-term challenges. This service can only work for consumers that is found to be not over-indebted.
SequestrationWe have seen an increase of consumers applying for insolvency and business applying for liquidations. This is a better option in extreme cases where consumers who are business owners, salary and commission earners to deal with the debt when they have lost everything and can no longer afford to pay their debt commitments.
Debt Center can refer clients for Sequestration to a specialist to Voluntary declare themselves insolvent. This also protects consumers’ income from default judgments that can lead to garnishee orders applications against them in court.

COVID-19 changed the way Debt Center is doing business

To protect everyone concerned we can assist all our clients and new applicants with contact-less procedures. Consumers can visit our user friendly and advanced website at any time, follow the correct prompts and connect online with one of our awaiting debt counsellors to assist you. www.debtcenter.co.za
After the completion of our comprehensive inquiry form it will allow us a little more insight and understanding regarding your debt situation.
One of Debt Center’s debt counsellors will make contact and note we do not allow agents to assess our client’s applications or outcomes.
We have a satellite office in Bellville for the collection of documents and delivery of court documents of local consumers. We also make use of Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation of classified documents.
We encourage our applicants’ initial debt assessment meeting via Zoom, a recorded way to interact with our clients that proofs to be as effective as a one on one, like it used to be prior the Covid lockdown phase.
We have also an online dialling system that records all our calls when assessments and qualifying clients OPT in for our programs and services.
All debt counselling documents are signed on the consumers mobile device with an imbedded IP verification that authenticates the signature of applicants. No debt review application can commence without this signed document, that has to be loaded on the NCR DHS – National Credit Regulator Debt Help System with the ID documents of the individual or joint applicants.
 We are on standby when you need us
We will be available during this difficult season, leave us your name, surname and ID number and your details https://www.debtcenter.co.za/contact-us/ we will allocate your request to one of our debt counsellors: Justice, Ashley or Annienne. Our logistic and administrating official, Amelia Burger will be checking in on you on a regular basis for any new applications that need immediate attention and will ensure that creditors receive the correct documents on time.
Financial hardships are crippling people and their immediate families. The best advice we always share with our clients is to talk about your problems with someone that understands your crisis. That’s why we offer our service to you, visit our website and get in touch as soon as you can for the help you need to save your family and house from further debt drowning.
Nothing is set in stone. If you do not make enquiries and see how you can be helped you will never know what options you actually have. Many consumers were not over-indebted before the lockdown but now finding themselves to be so way over their heads.
The more you know what your best options are and where you can safe on payments, the better your changes are to remedy your situation before it’s too late. You have the best debt counselling practitioners to assist when you need us.
Message from the author:
 We are all tired of the last nine months of lockdown-stress and the harsh impact it had on the families and friends all over the country. The best way to survive what’s coming is to stand together the best you as a united family can. There are power in numbers and no one needs to face this difficult time alone.
Focus on the holiday season at hand, have fun with your loved ones and remember to stay positive and encourage those around you. It is with this strong will and attitude that you can climb this mountain where the finish point is not visible from down below.
We wish you all a Prosperous New Year. We pray God’s blessing over you during this trying time of the pandemic that’s affecting everyone all over the world. We pray that you all will have food and someone to be with during the holiday season.