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An overall review of CDS (Consumer Debt Support) on social media

On the website:

A critical eye to all websites and blogs in general One thing is for sure, not two websites are the same, or have the same impact on first sight when one opens on the homepage.

A homepage of any website or blog must present itself immediately with enough flair, but not too much to confuse the reader in the first 5 seconds. Nobody wants to wonder where to click or to read, a clearly stated button guide, a short read and easy to follow prompts, are the important keys to have, to keep the readers interested.

A website or blog must captivate the reader’s first ten seconds for up to the first two minutes, of his or her attention span in order to spike the interest the website or blog owners need to keep them exploring everything available on the site.

The first glance of any homepage and blog should showcase everything necessary for the reader to relate to, and to enjoy all the relevant visual, and text information of interest.

Visiting the website of CDS (Consumer Debt SupportA quick and effective scroll and click. Perfect for the typical skeptic, who will lose interest if he or she has to read too much, or to scroll down too far to get to the necessary contact information.

Every reader or consumer interested in the services rendered of the company or person of the website or blog, has two objectives when obtaining information. To satisfy themselves that this is the best of what they need in a short read, and for easy prompts to get in contact.

CDS has all the checks ticked when one observes what they have to offer.The upmost important check any visitor will do, is to the type of business or service of the company, and how it’s presented.

At first glance one immediately catches the phrase that capture the reader’s curiosity, ‘Dare to Care for Excellence” An interesting catch phrase to underline a service to debt support, but effective enough to make one feel the personal touch of it.

There are many reasons and types of visitors that will scroll through this website and blog. Whether you need this service, or just curious to the information given, the design is user friendly and over shines with guidelines of customer step by step support.

A quick overview for you to check the important aspects on this website

As on many other websites this service extends its references to other well-known social media platforms, a helpful quick on the click connection to their face book, twitter and Instagram.

A personal touch of a connection to communicate with them on WhatsApp adds to the impression one gets of the type of service they offer.

On the Blog: To own and maintain a blog on a personal, or business / professional level are a constant updating effort that can keep or lose the interests of the readers and new visitors. One’s blog is as good as the latest post or story that has to catch the eye on first glance.

The overall view of the blog section connected to the website of CDS (Consumer Debt Support), is of well constructed and good reading material on all relevant subjects, that covers the personal interest of all genres and aspects in today’s households.

In relation to the services this company offers, the different titles of all the blog posts are educational, most informative and help the families to understand the law implications, the terminology, and the details they often overlook regarding contracts and the conditions thereof.

One cannot help to relate and smile when reading the holiday tips posted in the latest post on this Blog. A true indication of the warm concern of a personalized service offered, to their consumer’s well being regarding the mutual matter of interest all readers share, the burden of debtor’s finances.

Overall Rating This website and Blog score an overall FIVE STARS with all checks explained.


This website has the potential to keep their visitors interested and creates the overall need to revisit more often, to follow the news feed of the next Blog post to come. Last mentioned is the last and most critical point of any review and also the motivation to keep the high level of professional conduct relating to the business.


Reviewed by Fat Cat Online Analysts International


Twitter feed: FatCat@daOtherOffice

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