Costing your Easter Egg

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Easter Fun for all

It’s the week before Easter and in this blog, we at CDS (Consumer Debt Support) and our business Associates Debt Eezy, respect the beliefs of all religions and cultures. It is evident in my previous blogs that I am a true Christian believer and I live my life according to my best ability to the Will of God and His Word, as do all of us who believe in Jesus Christ as our Saviour of our lives on earth.

Like any other holiday event on the calendar I always like to keep you, my readers, clients, and friends, in focus to the importance of money management, the scams out there, the pitfalls in and around our industry of Debt Counselling.

I also tend to teach or inform the community to understand the terms and the way we do business, and what to expect from us when you qualify for our services. Therefore, you as the consumer could benefit from the knowledge to avoid defaults, the stress of financial shortfalls and to get the end result of a cleared financial record to your name in the system.

Easter is there for all to celebrate an annual historic biblical event with friends and family when possible. It is also meant to enjoy the shared love and their company in the spirit of the season so to speak. Some would keep up their own traditional ways of fun, others would practice religious ceremonies, and during the duration of it all, the reference of the event must also be honoured.

What is Easter all about in a nutshell?

I always loved to know the significance of the particular holiday event that we get to, so allow me to share with you some input about the meaning around Easter I have. Most Christians refer to the week before Easter as “Holy Week”, and it contains the “Easter Triduum”, also known as “Paschal Triduum”. It begins on Thursday evening and reaches its high point on Easter Sunday. It recalls the passion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus three days later, as portrayed in the canonical Gospels of the Holy Bible.

The calendar date of Easter also named Passover, are not related to the exact time of the crucifixion and resurrection, rather its date is offset from the date of Passover and is therefore calculated based on a lunisolar calendar very similar to the Hebrew calendar. All very interesting to know you could share when you enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Those who believe in the resurrection and the descending of Jesus into heaven forty days later will know that to celebrate Easter was to acknowledge Him for what He sacrificed for us and that He’s coming back one day.

Time of Crime

It is also sad to know that in our modern society Easter was no exception to violent crimes all around the world. We are overwhelmed already with the horror news we get every day in the media, where killings and robberies became a daily phenomenon and it accelerates the fear in the hearts of the community.

Needles to warn you then against the thieves that prey on Easter shoppers in open public. Precautions like do not shop alone, or travel and move in safe areas, don’t walk or shop with cash are the everyday checklists already. Every area has its own dangerous routes and I can just pray for your safety in the coming festive time and ask you to be cautious wherever you go.

Money tip for this week

Some of us will share Easter with the whole family, others as couples, some alone but neither the less, to celebrate or to plan a long weekend like this, it always takes a toll on your budget. Some of you could be fortunate and can afford to spend the extras, most of us will spend to enjoy, but will feel the shortfalls later in the broke days before the next payday.

I cannot tell you what to do or not to brake your budget, but I can advise you to create a spending budget or a weekend budget list and try to keep to it. If you had a savings plan for a while now, Easter would be the ideal time to enjoy the extra money. If you are fairly new into a savings process, only you would know if you can or not afford to spend. My best advise then is, be wise with what you need to do, and avoid the feeling of regret afterwards.

Note from the Author, Annienne Nel with a challenge…

On the fun side of the coming Easter time, the joy of chocolate egg hunting, tables of food and drink, family and friends, I wish you the best of fun and games, and may you feel blessed and loved by everyone. I would also like to ask you to join me in a some sort of good deed effort on Easter…

I challenge you who are reading this blog, during the Easter time, to do a random act of kindness to someone you don’t know! See it as part of the spirit of Passover and the significance thereof. No specifics, it can be anything, a small chocolate to a stranger, help in the garden or house of an elderly, a small gift, a hug of comfort to someone who needs it, an unexpected gift of food to a homeless or street person…any kind unexpected act will not be forgotten and it gives you the joy of sharing and giving.

I wish on all my readers, friends and colleagues a memorable Easter weekend, may God bless and keep you safe. Enjoy the life God gave us all and do good with what you have.

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