Bring a little bit of green into your home


Go Green and Beautiful Here at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) we would like to change the topic of talking about finances and debt all the time – it can become a bit too much.   With this week’s blog, we would like to share ideas about how to get creative in gardening without spending too […]

Finding balance between lending and spending

Find Balance

In today’s blog, we discuss balance in healthy lending versus spending. Let us start with the credit report which is a vital part when you are over 18 and seen as an adult who may have access to credit. When a credit report has a bad scoring or low scoring, either way it can have […]

Reckless spending in a recession

Caught in a web of SPENDING

In today’s blog, we want to talk about reckless spending and the latest news for consumers that South Africa is back in the recession. We at Consumer Debt Support (CDS) can say the recession has been with us the past two years. We walk down the road in the lives of those struggling with reckless […]

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